8 Design Ideas for Small Gardens

Design ideas for small gardens Melbourne | RenoVogue

How do you turn a small garden space, deck or balcony into a beautiful and functional space?

Design ideas for small gardens Melbourne | RenoVogue

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and when dealing with a small garden the creative drive comes from the need to optimise the space available. With some thoughtful design, and careful planning,  a small garden space can be made to appear bigger than it is, creating an oasis from the world outside.

Here we have eight great ideas for making the most of small spaces.

1. Go Vertical

Vertical gardens are a great way to use the most of the available space. Green walls soften the hard lines of buildings and allow far more plants to be used than otherwise would be possible. Vertical structures can be used to create intrigue, or sections that give the illusion of depth within the garden.

Modular kits are available commercially, or you can create you own an assortment of materials, such as reinforcement mesh, wooden pallets, changing pots or repurposed canvas storage organiser to name a few.

Vertical gardens aren’t restricted to just decorative plants either. You can plant crops such as strawberries, lettuce, herbs, etc.

2. Incorportate Climbing Plants

Climbing plants such as star jasmine, roses, ornamental grapes, etc add drama to a garden while not taking up space. Whether planted in pots or in the ground, climbing plants are perfect around pergolas, verandah posts, train along walls, etc. Like vertical gardens they help soften the environment, and add a interest to a small garden space.

3. Visual Transition of Inside and Outside

In small spaces it helps to create the illusion of space by transitioning the indoor and outdoor areas visually. Use similar materials and colours to create a feeling of continuity between the spaces, making each feel larger. Continuing a floor covering such as tiles form the inside to the out helps to create a seamless flow. This can be further enhanced by the use of similar colours and accessories in both spaces.

Screening an outdoor area on the side can make it feel more room like, and and adding lighting, outdoor rugs, heating and art make the area functional and inviting.

Design ideas for small gardens Melbourne | RenoVogue

4. Layered Plantings

Layering plants in the garden beds helps to create the illusion of depth. Start with low-growing groundcovers at the front and small shrubs or perennials behind them.

A back layer of taller plants such as small flowering trees, bamboo or dwarf fruit trees, helps provide screening and vertical interest as well.

5. use Pots & Planters

You can add greenery to your deck or courtyard with big pots and planters large enough to grow small trees, shrubs and possibly herbs and vegetables as well. Plants of different sizes can add layers and interest to the garden, even if room is limited.

It’s important to choose varieties that work well in pots and that are suited to the local environment. Consider having some of the larger pots sit on bases with castors to allow them to be moved easily. This allows you to change the environment to suit your needs at will.

Design ideas for small gardens Melbourne | RenoVogue

6. Espalier and Pruning

Fruit trees may seem impractical in a small area, but a great solution is to espalier the trees to grow horizontally along guide lines or walls  and fences. A small garden using this method is no impediment to having a garden that provides a bountiful crop.

Pruning shrubs into hedges can create zones or architectural lines in the garden. Larger shrubs and trees can be used to create privacy screens. Topiary can be used to add design and flair to a garden with taking up large amounts of room.

7. Go For Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants are great for small gardens as they maintain their appearance year in, year out without the need to be replaced. Choosing the right colur foliage can make small areas feel larger.  Go for lighter colours such as light green, grey and silver..

Design ideas for small gardens Melbourne | RenoVogue

8. Hang those Baskets!

Hanging baskets are another way to use the vertical space in a small space.  You can grow a multitude of varieties in basket from colourful perennials, cascading plants or herbs.

These 8 simple tips can help turn a small space into a garden area that is welcoming and a pleasure to use. Happy gardening!

A Guide To Planning A Stylish Christmas

Christmas Styling Tips | Melbourne | RenoVogue

Christmas Styling: A Guide

Part of the fun at Christmas is to set the stage and to make entertaining easy and fun for all without breaking the budget.

The Look

1. Pick your theme and the look, whether it be beachy, casual, traditional or chic.
2. Pick your colours to go with your chosen them. Combine these colours with your napkins, placemats and candles.

This year I have chosen to go with soft pinks, vintage rose, mixed with golds, silvers and whites – I might even add a bit
of charcoal to add a pop of colour.

Check out the great finds I will be using as part of my look for Christmas day:


This year I will be having 22 for sit down lunch and 26 for dinner. This means I will need to be super organised.

The hit list looks like this:

  1. Organise menu x 2 and then advise who brings what.
  2. Hire extra tables and chairs for the day – (all white this year). I also like to have separate tables for food, drinks and desserts.
  3. Have plenty of spare napkins on the table for guests for the unexpected spills - still keeping in the theme of course.
  4. Fill the ice bucket and have guests help themselves. Remember to have plenty of water for the hot days.
  5. Leave a game of Noughts & Crosses out for guests to play.

Christmas is about family, friends and fun. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. If you do, your guests will too! Merry Christmas!

Stress Free Bathroom Renovations

Stress Free Bathroom Renovations | Melbourne Bathroom Designer RenoVogue

How do you renovate a bathroom stress free? Work with a designer!

Renovating your bathroom is a humongous task and one which requires proper planning. If not done correctly costs can escalate well over budget, leading to a stressful and overwhelming experience.

Hiring a professional designer not only turns your dream bathroom into a reality but also makes the experience enjoyable and stress free.

Why do you need a Professional Bathroom Designer?

It’s very important to get the layout of your bathroom right. Your designer will begin by designing a layout which is functional and practical. Danni from RenoVogue believes it’s important to understand how a family functions in the home and how the bathroom is to be used.

You need to consider the placement of baths, vanities and taps, etc.  Provisions also need to be made for ample storage, adequate ventilation and power points. Lighting, which can sometimes be overlooked, needs to be thoroughly planned to ensure the right results. Whether it be ambient lighting, or lighting for applying makeup, the right designer will be able to advise you about the most appropriate lighting options.

Your designer will also help you select finishes such as stone, tiles and the appropriate joinery material. Selecting the right finishes is crucial to the design process. These finishes not only need to compliment the design, but need to stand the test of time.

Make sure the designer clearly understands what you want. Be open and don't hesitate to ask questions.

Make sure the designer clearly understands what you want. Be open about your expectations, and don't hesitate to ask questions. You should try and decide on a budget before you start as bathroom renovations can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $80,000. Also, ask for a tentative time frame required to complete the project.

Affordable Home Design Melbourne Australia

Affordable Home Design Melbourne Australia

The Features of a Well Designed Home- Melbourne
Not only is it hard to find the perfect design, it’s become nearly impossible to find the perfect designer

When you’re considering designing your home, don’t leave it up to just anyone. No matter whether you’re a developer, property owner, or just an investor, you’re just putting yourself in a position to fail if you don’t understand the value of what constitutes as “good design”.
Sometimes it’s hard to narrow down what good design truly means. We feel as if the art of design comes more from the surreal things that you feel as much as the things you see. Realistically, good design only truly comes around when you accompany it with the proper construction methods to really make it as effective as it can be.

Affordable Home Design Melbourne Australia 1

Affordable Home Design Melbourne Australia
We Work To Keep Prices Affordable
We understand that there’s pretty stiff competition out there, and that the values of good design and workmanship can be lost when competitors start slashing prices to try and undercut our business. All too often, a truly excellent design gets neglected because a cheaper final cost is found.
When you start assessing your financial costs, one of the first things you’re willing to sacrifice is one of the small luxuries that your designer has allowed for. This is not always the best decision. Excellent design fees are a very small part of the total cost to build your home, and they’ll be appreciated once the project is completed and you see the end result. A good design always improves the value of your home, especially over the long term.
Don’t Be Deceived by the Competition

Fees for designs can be deceiving. If you’re planning costs are surprisingly low, expect cheap, poor designs that aren’t well thought out. Good, durable, appealing and intelligent designs take more time, thought and planning. It’s difficult for us to compete with those willing to pump out bad designs as fast as they can draw them. With my experience a bad design and bad build not only ends up costing you more but the whole renovating process and experience will become a nightmare.

Affordable Home Design Melbourne Australia 2

The Moral of the Story Here: You Get What You Pay For
Pay a little bit more and get what you deserve with your renovation in Melbourne. You might feel like you’re saving in the beginning, but after a while you’ll spend a lot more trying to make up for the mistakes that were made by the time the house is exactly like you want it.
No matter what you’re doing with a residential property, keep in mind what’s really important about creating a great design:
- Practicality and functionality
- Stylish and stands the test of time
- Flexible and adapts to your individual lifestyle
- Resale value

Renovations Melbourne Australia

Renovations Melbourne Australia

Renovations Melbourne Australia

Is your house making you happy? Does it provide everything you need, even save you money? Your home renovations are going to be one of the hardest, biggest projects you’ll have to face. Be prepared to spend even more time and effort than you did when your house was being built to find something that truly meets your needs and makes you happy.

Renovations Melbourne Australia 1

Sometimes it’s difficult to properly match various aesthetics of your two designs, especially if you’re trying something new. Are there new building codes that must be followed, or that have changed since you remodelled or designed your house the first time? Are you prepared to design newer, more ingenious designs that allow the utilization of more of your personal space? Do you want to extend your current home model?
These are the types of subjects that you’ll eventually have to face- and it’s important that you be diligent and progressive if you legitimately want to remodel or renovate- otherwise you’ll get stuck in the middle of your renovation and your house will remain unfinished. You absolutely HAVE to do the process the right way to make it a success in every possible way and to add staying value to your home. Otherwise you’re just wasting your valuable time and money.
Renovations Melbourne Australia 
To avoid potential problems that might arise when you’re dealing with your home design you need to hire a professional. You need an expert to help you navigate through all of the difficulties that arise when you’re planning, processing, and executing your extensions and renovation. Allowing design specialists to help you in this crucial stage not only reduces stress and gets you what you REALLY want, it also allows you to plan at your pace and avoid getting the “run-around” with your renovation.

Renovations Melbourne Australia 2

Renovations Melbourne Australia 
When you need a specialist you can trust, contact Danni at Renovogue in Melbourne, who has over 10 years of solid, reliable experience in virtually any aspect of home renovations: from design and documentation, to alterations, additions, extensions on your home, and even some of the largest scale renovations that you can imagine- so she understands all of the ins and outs of getting you informed to make the absolute best decisions with your renovation. She knows that she can find exactly what you need with her quality services, including:
- Establishing your goals with renovation and lifestyle changes
- Exemplify the things you enjoy about your home as well as the things you’d like to change
- Explore your vision for your renovation to develop your plan so that you can begin to see your creativity established

Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia

Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia

Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia

Beside from focusing on the colour scheme, style, and overall aesthetics of a room there’s another key consideration to take into account. I’m of course referring to the practicality of your interior, when drawing up a design scheme this is at the forefront of my mind, from the furnishings right down to the fixtures.

Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia

Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia
We’ve all got comfortable clothes that we wear indoors to relax and unwind in and in itself that’s great, but would you consider going for a romantic meal in them? I don’t think so! The same applies to your living space, the difference being is that it needs to fulfil both criteria; it needs to be practical without compromising on style.

In my experience it’s certainly possible to have both, you can enjoy an elegant, lush interior and still benefit from the comfort and practicality it offers. That’s the challenge I relish when creating and designing beautiful homes. How can I create something spectacular and eye-catching but still retain the fundamental functional aspect of the room.
Finding that correct balance between Modern home designs Melbourne and practicality is the key to the success of all my interiors.

Art Work Melbourne Australia

Art Work Melbourne Australia

Using Art? Make a Statement! Select Stunning Pieces, and We’ll Show You How!

The art that you use is essential to really pull a room together- but sometimes it seems near impossible to get the look you’re going for. When some people place artwork, they treat it like an accessory to the furniture; but it means so much more than that. Art is supposed to reflect our tastes and channel our deeper selves in every piece, and so we should carefully find the perfect piece and put it in the absolute perfect place- despite how intimidating it might seem.
The art that you use is essential to really pull a room together- but sometimes it seems near impossible to get the look you’re going for. When some people place artwork, they treat it like an accessory to the furniture; but it means so much more than that. Art is supposed to reflect our tastes and channel our deeper selves in every piece, and so we should carefully find the perfect piece and put it in the absolute perfect place- despite how intimidating it might seem.
You have to think carefully about which mediums you prefer and exactly what you prefer in art before you start shopping. If you really want your house to be stunning and put together perfectly, then it’s more important to pinpoint exactly what you want. The goal is not to simply fill up the wall space; artwork can be used to enhance or compliment the colours in rugs, the fabrics in the room, the hue of your walls or even the shade of your lighting.

Art Work Melbourne Australia 1

Dare to Be Edgy
Hang your art in plain view, where everyone can see it; rather than out of eye-range. The point of good artwork is to be the focal point of your room, not simply something that was thrown in at the last minute to fill up wall space. Be edgy with frame choices, and don’t be afraid to use simple plexiglass or acrylic frames to display your artwork- making sure that everything you hang maintains a range of about 6-12 inches above the furniture in your room.
If you can’t afford that perfect large investment piece, use several small pieces that are more affordable that you love. If you’d like for them to match your decor, you’d be amazed at how much of a difference simply re-framing pieces will do. A lively wall gallery can help you place your television, and artworks by the same artist that have a common style help to bring cohesiveness and a curated feel to your art that you have displayed. You can also use art to show your favourite contrasts, using red tones in art to draw out red in a rug; or blues in sky tones to draw out soft blue plush furniture- it’s up to you, but good art makes it happen.
Make Art Your Inspirational Point, Then Work From There
If Art Work is an extension of yourself, try using a serene piece of art to refocus your design and make the room focus on the art, instead of the other way around. This will make your artwork shine, and make your designs spectacular and much more cohesive. Find a showstopping centre investment piece to focus your visitor’s attention, and build from there, matching colours and tones to find the best overall shades for your house. Face it, artwork is the personality of your home- don’t agonize over what you buy but on the same token buy what you want. You could even paint your own, if you’ve got a vision in your head, but it’s up to you!

Art Work Melbourne Australia 2

Some good rules to follow 
– Artwork includes the frame, and a big part of what makes your art work for you is how you frame it. You can spend a wide variety on frames, but they are necessary to make a statement. No matter how much you spend, your frame can make or break the artwork and its place in the room.
- How you design and hang your new artwork has as much impact as the art itself. Make sure you’re not hanging things too high or far apart, and make sure you consider the size of the wall. A good tactic to use is cardboard paper and painter’s tape to make frames of reference to help you decide how exactly to hang something. Go asymmetrical or in a grid, the skies the limit- it will look amazing in the end when you’ve planned it out.
Artwork is a collection. You aren’t just going to go out and buy every single painting out there, you’re going to take your time and pick up yourfavourites. Buying art to simply have more art is counterproductive. Find things you love and enjoy the hunt.

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia

Easy Tips and Tricks to Help You Bring Your Room Together and Make a Statement

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia 
It’s sometimes daunting when you have all types of accessories, furniture, cushions etc. and art work you have collected along the way and can’t bear to part with – hopefully things you’re happy to have- and absolutely no place to put them. The best part about redesigning is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the look you’re trying to achieve. The secret is to be creative and just add a few extra new pieces to compliment what you already have.
When it’s up to you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but we can help you put your room together easily and efficiently by helping you find places to start, giving you the chance to work from there to create a style that’s all your own.

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia 1

Embrace what you have, or what you love
Sometimes you have to get a different perspective of your furniture to understand exactly how versatile it can become. All you have to do in some situations to add a little bit of life to an older, darker piece of furniture is to throw a neutral runner on it with some pretty accessories, spruce up the rugs, add some modern art pieces, accessories or mirrors, and update your colour scheme. You don’t have to throw out everything to start over, and you don’t have to paint everything to get the look you want. Sometimes the perfect look can be achieved simply by changing your perspective; and the objects around your expensive pieces. You can even feel free to mix and match pieces or paint an older trunk or dresser to give it a brand new life- saving your money for other projects
Stylish Homewares Melbourne
The key to be truly creative isn’t simply doing away with the old, and changing it all out with newer, trendier pieces. Truly being creative is about using what you have and incorporating new styles, wood furniture, even upholster over old patterns you can apply yourself to quality furniture pieces to get new textures and a mix of styles.
Don’t be afraid to be brave, when you’re designing, being especially careful to stretch your creativity in ways that you haven’t thought about before. Keep it youthful and fun, using new pieces that you can purchase for relatively cheap to change the styles- especially rugs, designer artworks, even curtains and coverings to achieve your look before you throw in the towel on your most comfortable furniture; sometimes all it takes is relocating it to new, inventive places.

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia 2

Complete Your Style By Sticking to It- Repetition
It’s important to decide on a design that you can keep up, room to room; and the key to this is keeping it simple. The best way to keep a design simple is by following our general advice on keeping your rooms plain enough to work with by maintaining a neutral palette with your furniture choices, repeating upholstery tones and general colour schemes on your furniture, using matching lamps, matching pillows, or framing repetitions to create a specific look for any room, or repeat fabric combinations or accessories to make something that’s completely unique to you, but follows through, room to room to really make everything look great together.

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia 3

Storage Solutions Melbourne Australia

Storage Solutions Melbourne Australia

Storage Solutions

Things To Consider When Trying To Design the Most Efficient Personalized Storage to Meet Your Needs

If you’re not careful, the things you own begin to own you. They take over your living space, like unwanted guests; cluttering your living areas and making you feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated as you fight your way through a process that never seems to get any better. How do we remedy this problem? We invest in more personalized storage to get the job done!

It’s more than just jumping in there and startbuilding, you have to have a plan. Here are some tips and tricks to get your storage planning started off on the right foot:

Figure out EXACTLY what your needs are, and what you want to achieve.
This step seems obvious, but there’s more to it. Sensible and clever storage solutions are vital and essential in any household.

The main storage essentials in any household are:
Toys, games, books

Storage Solutions Melbourne Australia 1

Clever storage in the laundry will make a tedious task easier and even be an inviting place to work in. Drying cupboards, bench space and proper built in laundry baskets for dividing dirty clothes are just some of the clever options to considerduring the design process.
Proper storage for your kitchen is just as essential as laundry storage. Your pantry, appliances, Tupperware, cling wraps, platters etc. not only require the appropriate storage, however it needs to be designed so it’s at the right height and in the correct position in the working space allocated. All this requires expert advice and the clever planning to achieve the desired result.
Linen cupboards and storage for all the kids toys, games etc. is sometimes overlooked. Having a proper place for all the linen and towels and others not only creates a clutter free environment but peace of mind knowing everything has its place.
It’s important to try and utilize unused parts of your house. This is certainly the cheaper and most cost effective way to introduce storage in your home.