Christmas Styling: A Guide

Part of the fun at Christmas is to set the stage and to make entertaining easy and fun for all without breaking the budget.

The Look

1. Pick your theme and the look, whether it be beachy, casual, traditional or chic.
2. Pick your colours to go with your chosen them. Combine these colours with your napkins, placemats and candles.

This year I have chosen to go with soft pinks, vintage rose, mixed with golds, silvers and whites – I might even add a bit
of charcoal to add a pop of colour.

Check out the great finds I will be using as part of my look for Christmas day:


This year I will be having 22 for sit down lunch and 26 for dinner. This means I will need to be super organised.

The hit list looks like this:

  1. Organise menu x 2 and then advise who brings what.
  2. Hire extra tables and chairs for the day – (all white this year). I also like to have separate tables for food, drinks and desserts.
  3. Have plenty of spare napkins on the table for guests for the unexpected spills - still keeping in the theme of course.
  4. Fill the ice bucket and have guests help themselves. Remember to have plenty of water for the hot days.
  5. Leave a game of Noughts & Crosses out for guests to play.

Christmas is about family, friends and fun. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. If you do, your guests will too! Merry Christmas!