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Design ideas for small gardens Melbourne | RenoVogue

8 Design Ideas for Small Gardens

How do you turn a small garden space, deck or balcony into a beautiful and functional space? It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, and when dealing with a small garden the creative drive comes from the need to optimise the space available. With some thoughtful design, and careful planning,  a small … Read more

Christmas Styling Tips | Melbourne | RenoVogue

A Guide To Planning A Stylish Christmas

Christmas Styling: A Guide Part of the fun at Christmas is to set the stage and to make entertaining easy and fun for all without breaking the budget. The Look 1. Pick your theme and the look, whether it be beachy, casual, traditional or chic. 2. Pick your colours to go with your chosen them. … Read more

Stress Free Bathroom Renovations | Melbourne Bathroom Designer RenoVogue

Stress Free Bathroom Renovations

How do you renovate a bathroom stress free? Work with a designer! Renovating your bathroom is a humongous task and one which requires proper planning. If not done correctly costs can escalate well over budget, leading to a stressful and overwhelming experience. Hiring a professional designer not only turns your dream bathroom into a reality but … Read more

Affordable Home Design Melbourne Australia

Affordable Home Design Melbourne Australia The Features of a Well Designed Home- Melbourne Not only is it hard to find the perfect design, it’s become nearly impossible to find the perfect designer When you’re considering designing your home, don’t leave it up to just anyone. No matter whether you’re a developer, property owner, or just … Read more

Renovations Melbourne Australia

Renovations Melbourne Australia Renovations Melbourne Australia Is your house making you happy? Does it provide everything you need, even save you money? Your home renovations are going to be one of the hardest, biggest projects you’ll have to face. Be prepared to spend even more time and effort than you did when your house was … Read more

Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia

Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia Modern Home Designs Melbourne Australia Beside from focusing on the colour scheme, style, and overall aesthetics of a room there’s another key consideration to take into account. I’m of course referring to the practicality of your interior, when drawing up a design scheme this is at the forefront of my … Read more

Art Work Melbourne Australia

Art Work Melbourne Australia Using Art? Make a Statement! Select Stunning Pieces, and We’ll Show You How! The art that you use is essential to really pull a room together- but sometimes it seems near impossible to get the look you’re going for. When some people place artwork, they treat it like an accessory to the furniture; … Read more

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia Easy Tips and Tricks to Help You Bring Your Room Together and Make a Statement Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia  It’s sometimes daunting when you have all types of accessories, furniture, cushions etc. and art work you have collected along the way and can’t bear to part with – hopefully things you’re happy to have- … Read more

Storage Solutions Melbourne Australia

Storage Solutions Melbourne Australia Storage Solutions Things To Consider When Trying To Design the Most Efficient Personalized Storage to Meet Your Needs If you’re not careful, the things you own begin to own you. They take over your living space, like unwanted guests; cluttering your living areas and making you feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated as … Read more