Bathroom Layout and Design

Bathroom Layout and Design 1

Those days are gone when a bathroom was just a room where you simply showered or cleaned your teeth. Renovating trends have actually seen bathrooms shift from being just a practical area, to one that’s today stylish and inviting and also has a soothing feel.RenoVogue Provides best Services of Bathroom Layout Designs

The neutral and simple colour palette keeps this bathroom timeless, functional and stylish.

Whenever creating a bathroom there are numerous factors RenoVogue takes into consideration. Is the space going to be used by a young family or by young professionals? How large or small the room is also determines the products which are incorporated in the design. Maximising the full use of the space and applying some of the clever tricks of the trade will ensure the bathroom design will cater to the client’s needs as well as be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Bathroom Layout and Design 2

Same tile used for the floor and walls.

Selecting the appropriate products, materials, fixtures and fittings is additionally an essential component of the design process as is considerate spacing and planning. Selecting materials, fixtures and fittings within a simple colour palette keeps the place timeless, soothing and calm.

To accentuate this feeling RenoVogue generally keeps to one main colour for walls and floors or neutral on the floor with white on the walls. This allows for texture and color to be revealed via towels and accessories. The beauty of keeping the colour pallet neutral also allows you the opportunity to alter the look by simply changing the colour of the towels or accessories.

All the materials specified have been designed to make maximum use of the space.

The correct type of lighting and its position is also an important factor in the design process, example bright lighting can make a bathroom appear to be larger and the correct position is essential for applying makeup, shaving etc.

Storage is something that is sometimes overlooked by others. It’s important to include the correct storage in any bathroom design. Recessed niches in showers, storage in mirrored cabinets and built in cabinetry for towels and accessories all adds to extra necessary storage in bathrooms.

It’s important to design a bathroom which is practical and stylish and also provides to the client’s specific needs.

If you are thinking of creating a new stylish bathroom, RenoVogue can help design the bathroom that reflects your needs, your personality and your lifestyle. Danni from RenoVogue has been designing and assisting clients for over 8 years. Her creative design concepts translate into comfortable and luxurious yet sophisticated and stylish surrounds.