Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia

Easy Tips and Tricks to Help You Bring Your Room Together and Make a Statement

Stylish Homewares Melbourne Australia 
It’s sometimes daunting when you have all types of accessories, furniture, cushions etc. and art work you have collected along the way and can’t bear to part with – hopefully things you’re happy to have- and absolutely no place to put them. The best part about redesigning is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the look you’re trying to achieve. The secret is to be creative and just add a few extra new pieces to compliment what you already have.
When it’s up to you, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, but we can help you put your room together easily and efficiently by helping you find places to start, giving you the chance to work from there to create a style that’s all your own.

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Embrace what you have, or what you love
Sometimes you have to get a different perspective of your furniture to understand exactly how versatile it can become. All you have to do in some situations to add a little bit of life to an older, darker piece of furniture is to throw a neutral runner on it with some pretty accessories, spruce up the rugs, add some modern art pieces, accessories or mirrors, and update your colour scheme. You don’t have to throw out everything to start over, and you don’t have to paint everything to get the look you want. Sometimes the perfect look can be achieved simply by changing your perspective; and the objects around your expensive pieces. You can even feel free to mix and match pieces or paint an older trunk or dresser to give it a brand new life- saving your money for other projects
Stylish Homewares Melbourne
The key to be truly creative isn’t simply doing away with the old, and changing it all out with newer, trendier pieces. Truly being creative is about using what you have and incorporating new styles, wood furniture, even upholster over old patterns you can apply yourself to quality furniture pieces to get new textures and a mix of styles.
Don’t be afraid to be brave, when you’re designing, being especially careful to stretch your creativity in ways that you haven’t thought about before. Keep it youthful and fun, using new pieces that you can purchase for relatively cheap to change the styles- especially rugs, designer artworks, even curtains and coverings to achieve your look before you throw in the towel on your most comfortable furniture; sometimes all it takes is relocating it to new, inventive places.

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Complete Your Style By Sticking to It- Repetition
It’s important to decide on a design that you can keep up, room to room; and the key to this is keeping it simple. The best way to keep a design simple is by following our general advice on keeping your rooms plain enough to work with by maintaining a neutral palette with your furniture choices, repeating upholstery tones and general colour schemes on your furniture, using matching lamps, matching pillows, or framing repetitions to create a specific look for any room, or repeat fabric combinations or accessories to make something that’s completely unique to you, but follows through, room to room to really make everything look great together.

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