The design of a new kitchen can be overwhelming. I believe the key to a successful design is to firstly understand your client’s needs, vision and budget. Its design should be functional, relate to your family’s lifestyle, stand the test of time as well as be visually pleasing. It’s important to appoint a professional kitchen designer who can design your kitchen to your specific space and provide you with numerous finishes and options for your kitchen design.

Not one style kitchen suits every client. It’s important to establish the style and look the client likes and prefers.

Walk-in Built-in Robes 1

Fully Customizable with Tons of Options for any Need

One of the best aspects of walk-in closets or wardrobes are the unique ways to maximize space. No matter what your size restriction is; you can design a great closet out of an L-shaped room, a slanted room, a ridiculously small space- the world is your oyster. My designs incorporate any style of compartmentalized drawer or hook space to store all of your belts, ties and scarves as well as plenty of shelves or shoe cascades for storing shoes and plenty of hanging space for your favourite tailored pants and dresses as well as anything formal you might want to keep neat and organized- like blouses, jackets, skirts, or shirts. If the space permits, I also attempt to incorporate any beautifully upholstered ottoman, or vanity and chair and mirrors, lighting or any accessories you could think of- I even incorporate island dressers with the smoothest operating doors and jewellery organizers and lingerie dividers- anything you could imagine could be yours.

Incredibly Useful for Everything You Own

Walk-in Built-in Robes 2